FinLocker offers at no cost to its consumer users, the ability to electronically manage and share their financial documents and data securely, while also providing personalized financial management tools.

FinLocker not only allows you to expedite your loan approval and closing, but it also makes your loan process simpler and less stressful. Most importantly, you control the process, deciding what information to share, with whom, and for how long.

  • Enroll your financial accounts online one time. No need to re-enroll the same account.
  • Save your financial data to use for future loans and financial transactions.
  • Easily collaborate with your lender regarding information that requires further review and it minimizes those repeated stressful requests for financial documentation.
  • Utilize user-friendly online tools to manage multiple aspects of your financial life. All accounts can be conveniently accessed in one location and selectively shared with your trusted financial providers.
  • Rest assured that your personal data is safe and secure, utilizing bank-level security technologies.