FinLocker is a secure web-based platform that allows consumer and business users to access financial data in a protected environment. Online account access is protected through sophisticated authentication technologies and multiple layers of security. Data is encrypted and stored in secured, logical “locked binders”. The consumer creates a “binder” for each lender whereby the consumer controls what information goes into the binder, who is authorized to access the binder, and for how long the binder can be accessed.

  • Consumers may grant access, remove access, or modify access at any time to their financial information.
  • The lender never has direct access to the consumer’s credentials or the ability to perform transactions. The lender can only view the information. If a consumer has multiple financial accounts, the consumer controls which accounts it shares for read-only access.
  • The consumer has full transparency each time data is retrieved, what data is retrieved, what entity accessed it, which items need further review, and other analytics performed.