Offer Consumers Something More

With the consumer financial services market becoming increasingly competitive, FinLocker gives you an edge over your competitors. Support Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) expectations by providing your consumers with transparency, control, and important information about their financial transaction. Lenders can also offer their consumers a value-add with a practical online financial tool that they can continue to use in their everyday lives for personal financial management.

FinLocker is much more than a documentation and analytics tool. Consumers are able to manage and control access to their financial information in one secure, convenient platform. Lenders can offer their consumers a personal financial management tool (for example, personal balance sheet, spend analysis, investment tracking, and more).

Stay Connected with Consumers
  • Efficiently collaborate with consumers regarding items that require further review directly online, or by directing loan processors and underwriters to critical and timely issues to resolve.
  • With the consumer’s consent of account monitoring, provide early identification of potential negative changes in a consumer’s financial status. Provide alternatives to default or foreclosure when the loan is still viable.
  • Provide improved customer service by suggesting new products and services that are beneficial to consumers with stable and improved financial status.
  • Ability to intelligently communicate with the consumer throughout the loan life-cycle. Capacity to transfer access, where approved by the consumer, and share it with other entities involved with the loan. Auditable documentation reflects data retrieved by a third party (with consumer’s access consent).