How we make it easy for you
  • Electronic Verification
    Verifications of a consumer’s assets, employment, and income information are completed electronically, increasing efficiency and speed.
  • Automated Calculations and Review
    FinLocker’s robust income calculations do substantial work for your staff while simultaneously reducing errors, and smart analytics catch potential risk factors that can be easily missed by humans.

Business users can reduce costs and empower consumers to accelerate the aggregation of financial data through a secure data management and analytics platform that can be readily streamlined into origination, underwriting, and servicing processes.

Our solution features:

  • Consumers are given unprecedented insight into and control over the data they share
  • Electronic verifications of a consumer’s asset, employment, and income information
  • Historical view of a consumer’s assets, income, and liabilities
  • Income data is automatically populated into a robust worksheet and calculated
  • Automated review by smart analytics and a sophisticated rules engine
  • Collaboration platform for better communication with consumers
  • Multiple layers of security and rigorous controls protect both consumer and lender data