ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE with FinLocker’s 2017 Digital Mortgage Conference Award Winning Data and Analytics Platform

2017 Digital Mortgage Conference

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Streamlining the Lending Process

Electronic Verifications

Electronic verifications (some in real-time) of a consumer’s asset, employment, and income information

Automated Review of Data

Backed by powerful rules engine to identify gaps in loan processing and underwriting

Collaboration Platform

Automated collaboration platform for applicant's quick response

Automated Income Calculations

Income data is automatically populated into a robust worksheet and calculated for the lender, reducing errors and turn times


Consumers are given unprecedented insight into and control over the data they share


Multiple layers of security and rigorous controls protect both consumer and lender data

What We Do


Ease of Use

User friendly, enhanced user experience


Enroll once, re-use for many loans and other financial products

Saves Time Getting a Loan

Reduce the hassles and manually intensive tasks of gathering and sending documents and financial information

How it Works

Thorough Protection


All connections protected by TLS 1.1 or higher

SOC 2 Type 2

Auditing by a Top 4 firm (BDO USA, LLP)


All personally-identifiable data encrypted utilizing AES-256